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In conversation with… LULU FIGUEROA

Artist, style icon and ultimate cool-girl, Lulu Figueroa talks to us about art, motherhood, and things that really matter in life.

Lulu, you come across as the quintessential cool mom. How would you describe yourself as mother?

I feel devoted to it, it’s simply incontrollable. Pure instinct. I’m committed, whole-heartedly.

Tell us about where you live, and why you chose to raise your family here.

I live in Madrid, which is where my family lives. I like being close to them and visit them quite often.

What does a typical day look like to you now?

The day invariably starts with Ciro ‘speaking’ to us from his crib. All three of us have breakfast together, then we get dressed and usually go out for a morning walk. He gets sleepy pretty fast, so he has lunch at around noon and then takes a nap. I try to paint as soon as he falls asleep. I’ve usually got stuff to do, chores, appointments and whatnot, so when he wakes up I take him with me.

Please define motherhood in your own words.

Toughest thing in the world. Never sleep the same, never breathe the same. I’m constantly alert, constantly worried, so it can be rather stressful at times, which doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy or take pleasure in it. The following might sound as a cliché but, admittedly, it’s not really about me anymore. Life acquires a new, higher, significance.

What do you value the most as a mother?

Just watching him grow, enjoy life, discover new stuff.

As an artist yourself, what important lessons or values are you aiming to teach your kid?

Obviously the love for the arts is kind of a no-brainer. Not just painting, but also music, dance. He loves dancing, and since my husband plays music he’s always been exposed to it and gets really excited whenever he recognizes a familiar chord sequence. Deeper than that I’d say civility, public responsibility. I want him to be respectful of his fellow citizen, to be considerate and grow empathy. Those elements, I believe, make the essence of a, so called, good person.

When life gets crazy, what core fundamentals do you hold on to?

The above mentioned! Maybe add perseverance, hard work and self-respect.

How did you juggle work with the responsibilities of motherhood?

Drastically reducing my sleeping hours! 

When you have a day being just a mum, how do you feel?

Equally exhausted and fortunate.

And vice versa, when you get the opportunity to spend time working and creating, how does this make you feel?

l tend to feel a bit guilty, honestly. I always wish I could do both at the same time which, of course, is just not possible.

Has your style changed much since becoming a mother?

I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t. Nonetheless, I’ve always liked feeling comfy, so despite not wearing heels or rings as often, most people probably couldn’t tell.

What do you search for in products you purchase for you and your family? Is sustainability a must?

It is. My mom’s maxim is “Better one good than a thousand bad”. When we were little she would instill these ideas in us (my siblings and me) and still does nowadays.

And last, what do you love the most about Minimalittle Stores?

The opportunity of getting Ciro good quality clothes that might be passed on to and used by later generations.