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minimalillte trini gonzález estilo minimalista

In conversation with…TRINI GONZÁLEZ: Beyond minimalism

Trini Gonzalez is well known for her minimalist, timeless aesthetic and her unique sense of style.  Based in Madrid, the Fashion Stylist (and mother to Olivia) shares on a daily basis styling tips with  her followers, and advises on how to build a capsule wardrobe in a smart, stylish way.  

Hi Trini! Tell us about your style. How and when you decide to share your outfit ideas to help  people build their own image? 

I started my first blog while studying Fashion Design, in 2006. I used to post images about my  looks and quickly become popular. At that stage I was still experimenting with fashion and trends,  I didn’t really have a certain aesthetic, but soon I realized how having a classic, timeless style,  simplified my life and fashion choices. That’s when I decided I’d like to help others build a great  capsule wardrobe that would last a lifetime and save them money on the longterm.

minimalittle en vogue españa

What 3 tips would you give to all those mothers who want to be stylish yet dress  comfortably without compromising on style? 

  1. It is essential to prioritize comfort and functionality, so for example investing in a great pair of flats that you’ll wear every day is a great idea.
  2. Versatility is key. Invest in everyday, quality pieces that will last and can be easily combined with each other. Outfit possibilities are endless when you own a good timeless wardrobe.
  3. Establish a simplified beauty routine not to waste time every morning: A touch of foundation, blush and mascara will do.
minimalittle en vogue españa

What 5 pieces should every busy mother have in their closet? 

Definitely a good pair of straight jeans, which are easy to wear all year round and work with all  types of shoes; An oversized shirt, which also offers many outfit combinations; a pair of classic  sneakers, a shoulder bag that allow us to be hands-free, and a pair of trendy sunnies.

As a mother of a toddler aged 2, how would you say motherhood has changed your life? And what about your style? 

Motherhood has filled me in a way I never thought was possible. I’m filled with positive energy,  able to multitask and prioritize what’s needed at each time. My style however hasn’t changed much, I own and wear the same kind of pieces as before I was pregnant, which are quality,  versatile pieces in monochrome tones that can be easily combined with each other.

minimalittle, entrevista a Trini González,

How does a typical day in your life looks like? What are your go-to activities? 

We usually wake up quite early. We have breakfast, tidy up the house and spend most mornings at home. Around noon Olivia takes a nap so I take this time to catch up with work related emails and prepare content for my blog and SM. Soon after, we have lunch together and go for a  walk in the park. My husband comes back from work around 7pm and he takes over, so this is when I take some time for myself and go for a run. Once Olivia goes to bed, we have dinner,  watch a bit of TV and I usually go back to my laptop to prepare work for my clients.

For all newly mums out there, my advice would be to take it easy and enjoy as much time as possible at home with your kids. Find a routine that works for you and your husband. Be constant  with it. And most important, find time for yourself.

minimalittle, entrevista a Trini González,

In these uncertain times, how does a perfect family day look for you? 

Definitely getting out of the city, outdoor activities such as visiting my in-laws which own a farm.  Olivia is the happiest there! She loves run freely and we feel safe out in the countryside.

minimalittle, entrevista a Trini González,

We are witnessing a profound process of change and uncertainty, what values do you try to  teach your child? 

Family is above all things, the most important thing we have. I try to teach Olivia to always show  love and respect to people that surround us. Tolerance, patience, hard work and perseverance, honesty and gratitude are also key values in our family.

minimalittle, entrevista a Trini González, Olivia con vestido Marcel de Matona

Timeless style is made up of classic, essential pieces, that never look dated or go out of  trend. They are universally flattering, comfortable and make amazing investments. Which is linked to the idea of sustainability. What do you think needs to be done for a more sustainable fashion industry?  

People need to be educated on the subject as many aren’t aware of the impact that fast fashion has on the environment. Minimalist fashion is not about dressing in monochrome tones, it’s about  investing in timeless, versatile and high quality clothes that will last a lifetime. Buying less products and supporting independent brands that produce locally. This is what sustainability in fashion is about.

minimalillte trini gonzález estilo minimalista

How did you hear about Minimalittle Stores? How do you perceive our online concept store? What are your favorite products and brands? 

I absolutely love your store! So lucky I came across it. Before your launch I would normally look for online stores from abroad to buy sustainable brands with a cool vibe and minimalist aesthetic –  Now we have MINIMALITTLE STORES and I couldn’t be happier. I love the “amish” aesthetic for  girls, so midi skirts and puffed sleeves are my go-to pieces. Matona and Liilu Organics are my  favorite children’s brands, so sweet and feminine.

minimalittle, entrevista a Trini González, Olivia con vestido Marcel de Matona

You can follow Trini on Instagram @trinig and on her Youtube channel.